Challenging Testaccio> Culture, History and Heritage
Challenging Testaccio

The modern rione of Testaccio is an urban landscape in flux, which poses major challenges to its built heritage. How can the tensions between heritage management and urban renewal be resolved? Can heritage contribute to sustainable social and economic development? These are research questions in the project 'Challenging Testaccio. Urban Landscape History of a Roman Rione'.

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Francia Media: Cradles of European Culture> Culture, History and Heritage
Francia Media: Cradles of European Culture

The project 'Cradles of European Culture: Francia Media' aims to unveil the less known Carolingian realm of Francia Media (843-1033) and to show its unexpected ties to our contemporary history.

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Biography of the New Land> Culture, History and Heritage
Biography of the New Land

The Zuiderzee works have grown into an important icon of national identity and of the Dutch water management history. New inhabitants built a new livelihood in the polders, where community and landscape gradually fused into one distinctive region with its own history, identity and potential for development. The aim of the research programme is to further reinforce the coherence and applicability of the scientific research into the history, development and heritage of the IJsselmeer region.

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