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CLUE+ is the interfaculty research institute for culture, cognition, history and heritage, based at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. It brings together researchers from a wide variety of academic disciplines within four VU faculties to jointly investigate common themes and to reflect upon and formulate strategies towards societal challenges. To that end, CLUE+ offers its staff assistance in organizing scientific meetings, putting together grant applications, forming consortia and undertaking valorization initiatives, amongst other things. It also offers financial support for a range of initiatives and activities. In the Funding Guide we provide information on the various funding opportunities, on how to apply, and on the application criteria and process.

Visit the Funding Guide (pdf.) here.

Please see the menu below for more information about the types of funding available and the application process.

The CLUE+ Activity Fund is intended for (research) activities and initiatives that are in line with the objectives and themes of CLUE+. The funding opportunities are open to all individual researchers or research groups that are formally attached to CLUE+. You can apply for funding up to €5.000,-.
This fund offers talented Post-docs, PhD candidates and (research) master students, working within the framework of CLUE+,  the opportunity to prepare or submit an application for further research or to improve their CV through activities that will enhance their career prospects in the academic sector. The fund is meant for excellent young Post-docs, PhD candidates and (research) master students who have a remarkable talent for scientific research, who want to enter the world of academia, and who want to develop their skills in a CLUE+ framework. You can apply for funding up to €5.000,-.

The CLUE+ research institute seeks to promote its innovative research by attracting visiting researchers from around the world. One of the ways we do this is the CLUE+ Fellowship Programme. This programme provides funding for two types of researchers:

•    CLUE+ Research Fellows: Experienced academics who hold a doctoral degree. In addition to pursuing independent research, visiting fellows are expected to collaborate on research projects and publications with CLUE+ members. You can apply for funding up to €5.000,-.

•    CLUE+ Affiliated Researcher: senior or junior researchers (with a doctoral degree or enrolled in a doctoral programme) who wish to benefit from working in the context of one of the CLUE+ programmes. No funding is given to the CLUE+ Affiliated Researcher. Only the costs for a guest status will be paid by the institute.

CLUE+ currently publishes two series: CLUES and the Landscape and Heritage Series (LHS). Publications in CLUES and LHS are (partially) funded by CLUE+. This fund is not meant for funding of:

•    Editing of a volume or book in another series or by another publisher;
•    Translation costs of a volume or book;
•    Publication costs other then they above mentioned costs for a volume or book in another series or by another publisher.


All application will be discussed in the monthly Management Team (MT) meeting of CLUE+. Below you will find the dates of the MT meetings, as well as the application deadlines in the second semester of the academic year 2019-2020. 

Date MT Meeting    
Deadline Applications    
28 January 2020
21 January 2020
18 February 2020
11 February 2020
10 March 2020
3 March 2020
6 April 2020
30 March 2020
May18 May 2020
11 May 2020
June8 June 2020
1 June 2020


All applications must be sent to CLUE+ by e-mail ( Only complete applications will be considered. Please use the checklist applicable to your situation.

Activity Fund
Early Career Fund    
Fellowship Fund
Publication Fund
Application form
Motivation letter (max. 1 page A4)
Detailed budget overview


Letter of recommendation CLUE+ researcher


Letter of recommendation CLUE+ Professor of supervisor


Recommendation of the reading committee (in case of a PhD thesis)

NWO approval of the Veni pre-proposal (in case of PhD candidates who want to submit a full Veni proposal)


Letter from the supervisor concerning the formal approval of the final MA thesis (in case of ReMa or MA student)


List of deliverables


Confirmation that the Affiliated Researcher will have income of his/her own for the entire duration of their stay


AUP Form (in case of LHS application)

(concept) manuscript


For more information please check the Funding Guide CLUE+. Below you will find the downloads for the Funding Guide and Application Form.

•    Funding Guide
•    Application Form

For more information, questions or remarks please contact