Annual reports



2014 - 2015


Annual report 2013CLUE Annual report 2013 (pdf)

"In addition to monitoring the progress of running projects and a number of international collaborations, a range of new projects were started."


Annual report 2012CLUE Annual report 2012 (pdf)

"During this visitation, CLUE was judged as "excellent" (maximal score on a scale of 1-5) in all components, i.e. scientific quality, productivity, social relevance and viability."


Annual report 2011CLUE Annual report 2011 (pdf)

"In the first four years of its existence, the Institute has gained a prominent place in the research of the history, heritage and present-day transformation of the European cultural landscapes and urban environment."


Annual report 2010CLUE Annual report 2010 (pdf)

"In 2010, the institute added several 'landmarks' to its still young history."


Annual report 2009CLUE Annual report 2009 (pdf)

"The success of the institute in second and third-stream funding could be continued in 2009."


Annual report 2008CLUE Annual report 2008 (pdf)

"This is the first Annual Report of CLUE. The report is in Dutch."