Symposium Schedule

All events will take place on the campus of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam), except for Saturday afternoon, when we will be hosted by Perdu (Kloveniersburgwal 86, 1012 CZ Amsterdam).

You can download the full schedule as pdf here.

Thursday 24 May
10:00-12:00        Netherlands School for Cultural Analysis (NICA) pre-symposium seminar for graduate students*

12:00-12:30        Registration

12:30-13:00        Welcome

13:00-15:00        PANELS

                          SLOW ASIAS
                          Chair: Elizabeth Ho
                          • Joseph Jeon, “Born to See, Not to Run: Slow Surveillance in Slow Video and Cold Eyes
                          • Youngmin Choe, “Reiteration and the Slow Gaze as Artisanal Labor: Kim Ki-duk’s Arirang and Kim 
                             Sooja’s Thread Routes
                          • Moonin Baek, “Slow Expansion of Screening: Female Fandom of The Merciless (2017)”
                          • Christopher T. Fan, “Slow Life in Still Life

                          MEDIA DISPOSITIVES    
                          Chair: Mark Goble
                          • Diego Mantoan, “Speeding Up Through Slowing Down”
                          • Judith Rodenbeck, “Walkers”
                          • Divya Nadkarni, “Slow Time/Slow Form: Architectural Time-Space and the Poetry of Larry Levis”
                          • Ariane Noël de Tilly, “The Phenomenon of Slow Motion Perception in the Works of Scott Billings and 
                             the Raqs Media Collective”

15:00-15:30        Coffee break

15:30-17:30        PANELS

                          POST-COLONIAL TEMPORALITIES
                          Chair: Leif Sorensen
                          • Simona Schneider, “Glacial Double-Time in Akomfrah’s The Nine Muses
                          • Christine Okoth, “Consumption and Containment: Border Infrastructures and Contemporary Migrant
                          • Matthew Whittle, “Trophy Hunting, Taxonomy, and the ‘Animal Mask’ in Colson Whitehead’s The 
                             Underground Railroad
and Jordan Peele’s Get Out
                          • Paul Benzon, “Cinematic Slow Time and the Media Archaeology of Whiteness”

                          HUMAN-MACHINE TEMPORALITIES
                          Chair: Marcus Verhagen
                          • Indiana Seresin, “Soul Delay: Intimacy and the Tempo of the Real in William Gibson’s Pattern
                          • Alex Thinius, “Caring in Two Modes of Slowness: An Existential Analysis of Qu Xiao-song’s Ji#3 and
                             of Bohren & der Club of Gore”
                          • Erin E. Edwards, “An Eterniday in Space: Count Zero and the Joseph Cornell Box”
                          • David Gauthier, “Phase to Phase: Rendering the Sea’s Oscillations, Predictions, and Chronographs”

17:30-18:00        Break

18:00-19:30        Keynote lecture by Wolfgang Ernst, “AS (S)LOW AS POSSIBLE?:
                          On Machinic Non-sense of the Sonic ‘Present,’ and on Digital Indiffera/ence towards ‘Time’”
                          Moderator: Katja Kwastek

19:30                 Reception

Friday 25 May
10:00-12:00        PANELS

                          PROTEST & PROPAGANDA
                          Chair: Steyn Bergs
                          • Fabienne Rachmadiev, “ Messianic Time, Tsimtsum, and Slowness in the Work of Pavel Pepperstein”
                          • Bart van Klink, “Art and Legal Change”
                          • Tal Beery, “A Slow Pedagogy for Instituent Practice”
                          • Elizabeth Ho, “Temporal Rifts in Hong Kong: Marches, Occupation, and the Arts of Protest”

                          SLOW MATERIALISMS
                          Chair: Diego Mantoan
                          • Rahma Khazam, “Journeys Through Deep Time”
                          • Christopher Howard, "The Slowest Kinetic Artist"
                          • Lytle Shaw, "A Sedimentation of the Rhine: Robert Smithson and Dutch Liquefacture"
                          • Mona Schieren, "Becoming a Stone: The Topos of Slowness of Minerals”

12:00-13:00        Lunch break

13:00-14:30        Keynote lecture by Mieke Bal, “Slow Looking, Visual Thinking, and the Reasonableness of Doubt
                          Moderator: Ginette Verstraete
                          (Kerkzaal HG-16A00)

14:30-15:00        Coffee break

15:00-17:00        PANELS

                          AUDIENCE & DURATION
                          Chair: Judith Rodenbeck
                          • Sarah Sweeney, "Towards a Temporal Sublime"
                          • Alice Bennett, "Slow Words"
                          • Françoise Sammarcelli, "Slowness and Renewed Perception in Contemporary Aesthetics: Revisiting
                             Douglas Gordon's 24 Hour Psycho (1993) with Don DeLillo's Point Omega (2010)”
                          • Catalina Imizcoz, "‘Teach Me How to Look at What I’m Trying to See’: On the Temporal Codes of
                             Conduct of Dance Exhibitions"

                          ROCESSUAL ARCHIVES
                          Chair: Roel van den Oever
                          • Ekaterina Kochetkova, "Hasten Slowly: On the Perception of Time and Space in Ian Hamilton Finlay’s
                             Little Sparta"
                          • Trine Friis Sørensen "To Centennial in an Age of Biennials"
                          • Marcus Verhagen, "Viewing Velocities"
                          • Nadia de Vries, "Sharing Sickness: Terminal Illness Blogs and Pain as Linear Narrative"

17:00-18:00        ASAP reception and speeches
                          (Kerkzaal HG-16A00)

18:00-18:30        Musical intermezzo by Hans Fidom
                          (Kerkzaal HG-16A00)

18:30-20:00        Performative Reading by Maria Fusco, “Legend of the Necessary Dreamer
                          Introduction: Erin La Cour
                          Performance by Jeremiah Day with music by Bart de Kroon: 
                          “The Chair Remains Empty / But the Place is Set”
                          Introduction: Diederik Oostdijk
                          (Kerkzaal HG-16A00)

20:00                 Conference Dinner at the Hortus Botanicus Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 
                         (registration required, paid for individually)

Saturday 26 May
10:00-12:00       PANELS

                         SLOW FUTURES
                         Chair: Tal Beery
                         • Leif Sorensen "Slow-pocalypse Now: Building Ruined Worlds"
                         • Mark Goble, "Exploded View: From 1968 to the End of Time"
                         • Karen Jacobs, “Murmurations of Homing”
                         • Annette Svaneklink Jakobsen, "Sensibility for the Wadden Sea: Relational Compositions Through 
                            Temporal, Spatial, and Disciplinary Scales"

                         SLOW MODERNISM
                         Chair: Jonathan Paul Eburne
                         • Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes, "James Joyce and The Politics of Temporal Manipulation in Performance
                            Art and Conceptual Writing"
                         • Hui-Han Chen, "Cinematic Universalisation of Slowness: Transcendental Localisation in Tsai
                            Ming-Liang’s Stray Dogs"
                         • Jason Baskin, "Slow Forms in the Curated City"
                         • Ifat Reshef, "The Slowness of ‘Boring Video Art’ as Enabling Temporal Metaphors"

12:00-13:00       Lunch break

13:00-15:30       PANELS

                         THE LONG DURÉE
                         Chair: Alec Badenoch
                         • Abram Foley, "Editing and Entropy"
                         • Michelle Smiley, "Undoing Photographic Time: The Long Exposure and the Snapshot"
                         • Kyveli Mavrokordopoulou, "Fossilising Time: Julian Charrière’s Radioactive Photography"
                         • Leo Rafolt, "Durational Logic of Legal Discourse: Slow Performances of Terrible Fish and 
                            Cyankali §218"
                         • Alexandra Karl, “Michael Snow’s Wavelength: Then and Now”

                         ANTHROPOCENE TEMPORALITIES
                         Chair: Mona Schieren
                         • Rebecca Collins and Johanna Linsley, "Stolen Voices: A Slowly Expanding Eavesdrop on the East
                            Coast of the UK"
                         • Ruby de Vos, "’The Power that Remains a Half-Century Later’: Radiotoxic Temporalities in
                            ‘From Trinity to Trinity’"
                         • Karen Stock, "The Sculpture of Jason deCaires Taylor as Anthropocene Chronometer"
                         • Monique Peperkamp, "Ecological Urgencies and Physical Slowness"

15:30-16:30       Break and travel time to Perdu

16:30-16:45       Welcome by Perdu

16:45-17:15       Considerations on “Slowness” by Slow Research Lab

17:15-19:00       Roundtable discussion: “Mediated Temporalities”
                          with Birgit Kaiser, Mieke Bal, Maria Fusco, & Jeremiah Day
                          Moderators: Katja Kwastek & Erin La Cour

19:00                Closing reception

Sunday 27 May Optional Events

1. Tour of Foam Photography Museum (11:00, tickets available for purchase)
Meeting point: information desk in the entry area of the museum for a guided tour. Limited availability. Please reserve a spot by sending an email to The tour is free, but participants must purchase an entrance ticket to the museum beforehand at the ticket office or online at

2. Tour of Stedelijk Museum (11:00, tickets available for purchase)
Meeting point: information desk in the entry area of the museum for a guided tour. Limited availability. Please reserve a spot by sending an email to The tour is free, but participants must purchase an entrance ticket to the museum beforehand at the ticket office or online at

3. Vacant Stories - The (Aspiring) Amsterdam Museum of Squatting and Social Activism (12:00, by donation)
In this donation-based walking tour/conversation we will explore the effects of alternative social movements on the public spaces and life of Amsterdam. During times such as these, when the possibility of anti-commercial alternatives is exiting our collective understanding of past and possible futures, we will be taking to the streets to reawaken the memories of and engage with current political, social and protest movements. The tour will take around 2.5 hours, and will start at 12:00 at Dam Square. To reserve your spot, please email Alon at

4. An Afternoon Panel on the Importance of Taking One’s Time: Performance Art and the Architecture and Perception of Time, organized by Barbara Krulik (15:30, free entry)
The Vondelbunker, a ‘hidden’ squat, provides a raw laboratory atmosphere for our panel discussion, which will focus on time in performance art and practice—in its broadest sense: duration, memory, ephemera, patience, and temporary architecture and events. An informal discussion of real time, perceived time, how performance is conceived and executed, and how it feels to be ‘present’ in the slowness of time will be approached by our panel of Dutch artists from the fields of fine arts, architecture, dance, theater, and literature: Gijs van Bon, Marjolijn Guldemond, Kirsten Heshusius, and Frank van de Ven. The panel will be moderated by independent curators Barbara Krulik (US/NL) and Mildred Durán Gamba (CO/FR) as well as Jonathan Paul Eburne (US), Editor, ASAP/Journal. To reserve your spot, please email Barbara by 25 May at
*Enrolment at a Dutch University required, application required. More information will be provided soon.