Prof. dr. Michael N. Forster
His historical work focuses primarily on German philosophy, and secondarily on ancient philosophy. In addition his systematical work focuses on epistemology (especially skepticism) and philosophy of language.

Prof. dr. Wouter Goris
Full professor philosophy, especially history of ancient, patristic and medieval philosophy

Prof. Dr. Gábor Boros
History of 17-18th century philosophy, ethics, philosophy of emotions.
Prof. Dr. Thomas Sören Hoffmann

Prof. Dr. Klaus Erich Kaehler
Metaphysics and contemporary and modern epistemology.
Subject theory, Phenomenology, aesthetics.
Prof. Dr. Heiner F. Klemme
Philosophie der Neuzeit und der Gegenwart, Philosophie der Aufklärung, Immanuel Kant, David Hume, praktische Philosophie (Ethik und Rechtsphilosophie)

Prof. Dr. Dieter Hüning
Early Modern Natural Law, Philosophy of Enlightenment, Philosophy of Kant, German Idealism, The Social and Political Thought of Karl Marx
Prof. dr. Eric Watkins
Primary area of research; Kant (pre-Critical period, M&E, philosophy of science, and practical philosophy). In addition early modern philosophy (Leibniz, Newton, and Hume) and German Idealism (Reinhold, Fichte, Schelling, and Hegel) as well as the history of philosophy of science.
Dr. Stephan Zimmermann
Prof. Dr. Claudia Bickmann
Chair of Philosophy with special consideration of the philosophy of religion / metaphysics, aesthetics, language philosophy and intercultural philosophy
Prof. Dr. Fabbianelli Faustino
Classic German philosophy, German Phenomenology, Italian Philosophy, German enlightenment.
Prof. dr. Christian Krijnen
Modern and contemporary philosophy; epistemology; philosophy of science; moral philosophy; philosophy of right; social philosophy; philosophical anthropology; philosophy of culture; philosophy of economics, management & organization; metaphysics

Dr. Arthur Kok
Expert on philosophical works and ideas of Immanuel Kant and G.W.F. Hegel and more general on metaphysics, philosophy of religion, moral philosophy, political philosophy and philosophy of economics. Current research topic: ‘Bildung in the multicultural society’.
Prof. Dr. Jakub Kloc-Konkolowicz
Social Philosophy, Transcendental Philosophy and Classic and contemporary German philosophy.

Prof. Dr. Marina F. Bykova
Main research interests are the nineteenth century continental philosophy, with a special focus on German idealism and theories of subject and subjectivity.

Dr. Martin Bunte
Main research interest Kant, Contemporary Philosophy, Philosophy of Physics, Science Theory and Intercultural philosophy