News overview

Call for Papers: International David Foster Wallace Society


The International David Foster Wallace Society is calling for papers to be presented at the DWF2021 conference.

Book of the Year Award for Best Scientific Book 2021


The award has been granted to the book Ibn Abī Uṣaybiʿa, A Literary History of Medicine: The ʿUyūn al-anbāʾ fī ṭabaqāt al-aṭibbāʾ of Ibn Abī Uṣaybiʿah, ed. and trl. E. Savage-Smith, S. Swain and G. J. van Gelder with I. Sánchez, N. P. Joosse, A. Watson, B. Inksetter and F. Hilloowala.

[22-03-2021] Uncovering: Women’s Invisible Labour at the Cape


This online symposium is part of the extended Under Cover of Darkness project.

Master Heritage Studies


CLUE+ is pleased to call your attention to the Master Heritage Studies at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, which is rooted within the institute and has a unique focus on spatial transformations.

[24-02-2021] Symposium on Future Landscapes


TERRANOVA, HERILAND, Amsterdam Sustainability Institute and CLUE+ coridially invite you to the Symposium on Future Landscapes.

Reforming Senates. Upper Legislative Houses in North Atlantic Small Powers 1800-present


Open Access study about senates now published. Edited By Nikolaj Bijleveld, Colin Grittner, David E. Smith and Wybren Verstegen.

[15-01-2021] Race, Slavery, Colonialism and the Making of Capitalism


CLUE+ and the Center for the Study of Slavery & Justice cordially invite you to this event.

[13-01-2021] YWY, The Android: Video Screening and Conversation with Pedro Neves Marques


CLUE+ and the Environmental Humanities Center cordially invite you to this online event.

Happy holidays


CLUE+ wishes you happy holidays, and a happy and healthy start of 2021.

Online Event Series: Entanglements


The CLUE+ Environmental Humanities Center cordially invites you to the new online event series: ENTANGLEMENTS

Finding opportunities in Research Professional


To help researchers find appropriate funding opportunities the VU has a subscription to Research Professional (RP), an online interactive database that covers a wide array of funding opportunities.

[04-12-2020] Unhinging the National Framework: Perspectives on Transnational Life Writing


CLUE+ cordially invites you to the fifth annual symposium of Unhinging the National Framework: Perspectives on Transnational Life Writing

Project launch: Odeuropa


An introduction to the project "Odeuropa" to find out what Europe smells like.

[19-11-2020] Digitaal Jaarcongres KNHG 2020 ‘Meer dan Menselijk Verleden: Historici, Eco-geschiedenis en Environmental Humanities’


CLUE+, the Environmental Humanities Center and the Koninklijk Nederlands Historisch Genootschap cordially invite you to the KNHG annual convention.

Webinar Series 2: Black Lives Past and Present


CLUE+ and the Graduate School of Humanities VU cordially invite you to the second webinar series: Black Lives Past and Present.