Perspective and Perception

Image project Perspective and PerceptionSince January 2014, embedded researcher Daniël van der Poel has worked with private partner IJsfontein to examine how various perspectives used in interactive digital environments influence our perception.

The project advances research in spatial representation, which has been a key topic in art history throughout the centuries, to encompass digital media. It further emphasizes the importance of reception research, which studies the actual experience of audiences of art using empirical methods.
At the same time, it will allow developers of interactive media such as serious games to better match their designs to their audiences.

IJsfontein is an Amsterdam-based company specialized in interactive communication and media production.

Daniël van der Poel is a graduate of the Research Master programme in Visual Arts, Media and Architecture at VU Amsterdam. He wrote his MA thesis on the influence of computer graphics in visual art, using Harun Farocki’s recent work as a central case study.

Project details

Embedded Research Program of EZ / IJsfontein.

Daniël van der Poel, VU Amsterdam, in cooperation with drs. Aerjen Tamminga, Research Fellow, Harvard University, Cambridge; Affiliate, MIT Game Labs.

Project supervision
Prof. Dr. Katja Kwastek

Dr. Sven Lütticken