Francia Media: Cradles of European Culture

Image project Francia Media The international project ‘Cradles of European Culture: Francia Media’ (CEC) is devoted to the early medieval cradles of European culture and is financed by the European Commission.

The Francia Media realm stretched from what is now the Netherlands to the Italian region of Lombardy, joining the capitals of two empires under one crown: Aachen and Rome.

In this project the heritage of this early Medieval period, which is now dispersed over many European countries, is opened up to a broad audience. More than twenty organizations are participating, such as heritage establishments, research institutes, communities and museums from Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

The CEC project results in travelling exhibitions in Prague, Ename, Ravenna and Marseille (with a catalogue), a Francia Media Route and a new association, which will be responsible for the continuity and afterlife of the project.

CLUE+ (Linde Egberts and Koos Bosma†) has published a book for heritage and tourism professionals on opening up heritage on an international scale in today’s Europe. The Companion to European Heritage Revivals illustrates how different target groups can be engaged in meaningful experiences of the past, and is the first of its kind. It collects the methods and tools for presenting our existing knowledge about the past and investigates how a revival of a specific period can be staged by contemporary means for an audience that is living in the internet age.
The full text of the book can be found on SpringerLink.

In the context of the CEC project, CLUE+ organized workshops, seminars and colloquia. Additionally, Linde Egberts sheds light on the reuse of early medieval heritage in European regions in her dissertation Chosen Legacies: Heritage in the Construction of Regional Identity (2015). A commercial edition of this study will be published by Ashgate in 2016.

Project details


European funded project (2010-2015)

Dr. Linde Egberts MA

Project management
Prof. Dr. Koos Bosma

Rita Hermans MA


Francia Media: Cradles of European Culture


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  • Egberts, L.R. (2015). Chosen Legacies: Heritage in the Construction of Regional Identity. VU Vrije Universiteit.

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