We should know better. An inquiry at the crossroads of ethics and epistemology

Image project We should know betterThe project investigates the extent to which responsibility depends on the information we have, and when we should gather more information. For example, to what extent is ignorance an excuse for our so-called slavery footprint?

The project is centered on three key questions:

  1. Can responsibility be analysed in terms of the available information, rather than the perspective of the agent?
  2. According to recent views, we are blameworthy when we do not care enough. But what does this mean?
  3. What is strategic ignorance, and when are we responsible for it?

Project details

Funded by: NWO (VENI), 2013-2016
Budget: EUR 217,000

Dr. Jan Willem Wieland
E-mail: j.j.w.wieland@vu.nl



Wieland, J.W. (2016). Responsibility: The Epistemic Condition. OUP. (w/ P. Robichaud)