CLUES is an international scientific series in the fields of culture, history and heritage. It covers PhD studies, scientific reports of contract research, conference proceedings, etc. which have been written by, or were performed under the supervision of members of the research institute CLUE+. The series is published by Sidestone Press.

CLUES Issues

Cover CLUES Issue 1In June 2015 the first issue of CLUES ‘Door de lens van de landschapsbiografie’ (Through the lens of the landscape biography) was published. 

‘Door the lens van de landschapsbiografie’ is a selection of the best essays of the last 7 years from the popular Master course ‘Biography of Landscape’, which is part of the MA in Heritage Studies from VU Amsterdam in cooperation with the University of Amsterdam.

The contributions in this issue describe the long and complex history of landscapes from a personal, social, cultural and geographical perspective.

Issue 1
Kolen, J., H. Ronnes & R. Hermans (Eds.) (2015), Door de lens van de landschapsbiografie. Een nieuwe kijk op de geschiedenis en het erfgoed van landschappen, Leiden: Sidestone Press.

Issue 2
Kluiving, S. J., Kootker, L. M. & Hermans, R. A. E. (2017),  Interdisciplinarity between science and humanities. A Festschrift in honour of Prof. Dr. Henk Kars, Leiden: Sidestone Press.

Issue 3
van Beurden, J. M. (2017), Treasures in Trusted Hands. Negotiating the future of colonial cultural objects, Leiden: Sidestone Press.

Issue 4
Blom, I. (2018), Reframing Luchino Visconti: Film and Art, Leiden: Sidestone Press.

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Instructions for authors

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  • Rita van der Schriek-Hermans MA (secretary to the editorial board)

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