Publications CLUE+ 2017

Publications of CLUE+ members had been particulary numerous in the last semester. They include, among others, a large number of monographs.


CLUES is an international scientific series in the fields of culture, history and heritage. It covers studies, reports, proceedings, etc. of CLUE+.

Landscape and Heritage Studies

Landscape and Heritage Studies (LHS) is an English-language series about the history, heritage and transformation of the natural and cultural landscapes and built environment. The series aims at the promotion of new directions as well as the rediscovery and exploration of lost tracks in landscape and heritage research. LHS is published in collaboration with the VU University Research Institute for the Heritage and History of Cultural Landscapes and Urban Environment (CLUE).

Journal of European Landscapes

The Journal of European Landscapes (JEL) stimulates and promotes both empirical research and reflexive thinking on the history and heritage of the landscapes of Europe.