Mr. Mahdi Khalili

I am currently a fourth year PhD student in Department of Philosophy of Science at Sharif University of Technology (SUT), Iran. My PhD project is on the perceptual part of technology in science. I completed my MSc at SUT by working on Heidegger’s view about science and tool. I also have a background in engineering; I earned a BSc in System Analysis and Planning from Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran.

Besides, I have been employed by Mohaajer, a philosophical institute located at SUT, for recent three years. During this period, I have been working as the head of Ethics and Technology workgroup, and as a researcher in the ongoing research projects of the institute on the ethics of technology.

I am currently writing my PhD thesis. These questions are central to my work: Do instruments provide reliable evidence to support theories? If yes, under which conditions and to what extent? What is the difference between sensory experiences and instrumentally-aided observations? Are instruments neutral passageway to reality? Do they have a hermeneutical aspect in interpreting the world? Do we really ‘see’ through microscope and telescope? Is brain scan the same as photograph? What is the difference between computer simulation, experiment, and thought experiment?

All in all, my core interests are in Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Perception, Philosophy of Technology, and Ethics.