Mr. Jelmer Heeren

My name is Jelmer Heeren and I am the grateful recipient of a CLUE+ Early Career Fund, allowing me to concentrate on the twentieth-century historian of science Reijer Hooykaas (1906-1994). Hooykaas had an international impact in the field ever since he became the first to hold a history of science chair in the Netherlands at VU Amsterdam from 1946 onward. Nevertheless, thus far no major academic works have been devoted to a systematic analysis of his work. Beside preparing a NWO grant application for a joint PhD programme in Theology and History at VU Amsterdam, I am writing a research article on the history of science context of Hooykaas’ earlier years. Additionally, you can also find me going through archives across the country in search for yet to be uncovered insights into the context of Hooykaas’ writings.