prof. dr. Dawn Skorczewski

Dawn Skorczewski, Ph.D. is  Professor of English and Director of University Writing at Brandeis University. 
She is author of Ân Accident of Hope: the Therapy Tapes of Anne Sexton (Routledge 2012)
and Teaching One Moment at a Time: Disruption and Repair in the Classroom (U Mass Press, 2005).
She is co-editor of the journal American Imago and also co-editor of Pursuing Happiness (Macmillan 2016)
 and Conflicts and Crises in the Classroom (Boynton-Cook 2003).
Her dozens of articles addressing psychoanalysis and trauma include a
forthcoming article in Dapim entitled "You want me to sing?" Holocaust Testimonies in the Intersubjective Field (Dapim: Studies on the Holocaust, June 2018).

Professor Skorczewski and Professor Bettine Sietsema of the History Department are writing a book about the Diamond Jews of Amsterdam: 1940-1945 (Verbum, 2019). They have presented their work on this topic at the VU in April 2018.