CLUE+ Fellowship Programme and Early Career Fund.

Fellowship programme:

CLUE+ seeks to promote its innovative research by attracting visiting researchers from around the world. One of the ways we do this is with the newly established CLUE+ Fellowship Programme, which is open for two categories of research fellows, Seniors and Juniors. Currently, CLUE+ welcomes the following fellows: 

Dr. Sheng Zhong

Prof. Dr. Dawn Skorczewski

Prof. Dr. Barrymore Bogues

For more information about CLUE fellowships please refer to the CLUE+ fellowship guide.

Early Career Fund:

CLUE+ Early Career Fund Talent development is one of the major objectives of CLUE+, and the CLUE+ Early Career Fund is one of its instruments to achieve that goal. This fund offers talented (research) master students, PhD students and Post-docs the opportunity to work on or submit an application for further research, within the framework of CLUE+, or to work on their CV through activities that will enhance their prospects in the academic sector. The CLUE+ Early Career Fund is meant for excellent young Post-docs, PhD candidates and (research) master students who have a remarkable talent for scientific research, who want to enter the world of academia, and who want to develop their skills in a CLUE+ framework. At the moment CLUE has granted funds to the following researchers:

Ms Naomi Kloosterboer

Ms Heleen Blommers

Ms Eva van Urk

Mr Rutger van Oeveren

Mr An-Ting Yi

Ms Esmee Schoutens