Dr. Roders is currently Associate Professor of Heritage and Sustainability at the Eindhoven University of Technology; and Visiting Professor at the Research Institute on Culture, History and Heritage (CLUE+), at VU Amsterdam.

She has a wide range of work experience abroad and interdisciplinary cooperation, spanning the fields of architecture, urban planning, law, environmental management and computer sciences. Her research interest is the dual relation between heritage and sustainability in historic urban landscapes. She seeks to theorise how heritage and its conservation evolve sustainably over time, as well as, how heritage affects the sustainability of its urban context, as a social, economic, environmental and cultural capital. Roders a particular interest in integrated assessment and evaluation frameworks to better monitor and strengthen the conservation and use of cultural heritage worldwide. Ana Pereira Roders is the founding co-editor of the Journal Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development, Emerald. She presented in 2015 at TEDxHamburg “How cities become resource efficient”.