On this page you can find a list of PhD candidates, listed alphabetically, their research projects and their supervisors. In addition, you can find an overview of PhD defenses.


K.E. Dow – ‘Call, Encounter and Response’ – Read more [in Dutch]

Jamie Joyce – ‘Farming along the Limes’ – Read more [in Dutch]

Riedwan Moosage – ‘Missing-ness, History and Apartheid-era disappearances’ – Read more

Nicky Rousseau – ‘Archieven Zuid-Afrikaans waarheidscommissie en grenzen contrarevolutionaire oorlogsvoering’ – Read more [in Dutch] 

D. Bernhardt – ‘The problem of orality an literacy: an inquiry through the voice of Catharine Pickstock’- Read more

Alan Ralston – ‘Philosophy in Psychiatric Practice’- Read more [in Dutch]

H.A. Sanders – ‘Het virus der betrokkenheid”. Het Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis in het krachtenveld van sociale geschiedenis, sociale bewegingen en collecties, 1935 – 1989’ – Read more [in Dutch]

R.S. de Boer – ‘Kunst in bedrijfsopdracht’ – Read more [in Dutch]

C.A. Moya Acuna – ‘Hacia una hermeneutica Anabautista Latinoamericana’ – Read more [in Dutch]

H.W. van Duijn - ‘Our lives are pieces in a pattern’ – Read more [in Dutch]

M. Rotman – ‘The Call of the Wilderness’ – Read more [in Dutch]

M. Cense – ‘Navigating a bumpy road’ – Read more [in Dutch]

Josephine Lenssen – ‘The eccentric manners of explanatory models’ -  Read more

S.M. Hamilton – ‘Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) on the Person of Christ’ – Read more [in Dutch]

M.M. van Hoogstraten – ‘Unruly Difference’ – Read more [in Dutch]

D.J. McMillan – ‘Convictions, Conflict and Moral Reasoning’ – Read more [in Dutch]

Cokkie van Oeveren – ‘ITHAKA gaf je de reis’ – Read more [in Dutch]

H.I. Ploeg-Bouwman – ‘Bewoonde herinnering’ – Read more [in Dutch]

B.A. Pries – ‘Bridging the Self-Other Divide’ – Read more

S. Castelli – ‘A Fight for Scholarly Freedom’ – Read more [in Dutch]

J. de Beer – ‘In-situ preservation and management of waterlogged urban archaeological sites’ – Read more [in Dutch]

F.Y. van Hulst – ‘Vrede hebben met het kruis van Christus’ – Read more [in Dutch]

Joshua Lee Harris – ‘Neither Solitary Nor Diverse’ – Read more

S. Kim – ‘Mission as Process’ – Read more [in Dutch]

Amber Oomen-Delhaye – ‘De Amsterdamse Schouwburg als politiek strijdtoneel’ – Read more [in Dutch]

Gervasio Illiano – ‘Citta e territorio nella penisola di Misenum’ – Read more

Naomi Kloosterboer – ‘Attitude and Commitment’ – Read more [in Dutch]

D.P. Murray – ‘Matthew Henry (1662-1714)’ – Read more [in Dutch]

D. Drost – ‘Diaspora as Mission’ – Read more [in Dutch]

C.D.O.J. Teulings – ‘Gildepenningen: hun rol binnen de ambachtsgilden van de Noordelijke Nederlanden’ – Read more [in Dutch]