Research coordinators

CLUE+ has 4 main research themes which are supervised by research coordinators:

  • Landscape and Heritage
  • Global History, Heritage and Memory
  • Knowledge Formation and its History
  • Paradigms of Creativity

Prof. Dr. Gert-Jan Burgers

Prof. dr. G.L.M. (Gert-Jan) BurgersResearch coordinator Landscape and Heritage and Director of CLUE+

On the 1st of September 2015, Gert-Jan Burgers (Professor in Mediterranean Archaeology) has been appointed Director of CLUE+ at the Faculty of Humanities of VU Amsterdam, after having served at the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome, first as Head of the Ancient Studies section (from 2006) and Director (from 2012).

The greater part of his academic career to date has been concerned with proto-historic and Roman Italy, landscape archaeology and heritage studies. Since 2004 he has focused also on the development and implementation of critical heritage research, in the south-Italian region of Apulia and in Rome, where he co-directs the project Challenging Testaccio. Urban History of a Roman Rione.

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Prof. Dr. Karel Davids

Prof. dr. C.A. (Karel) DavidsResearch coordinator Global History, Heritage and Memory

Karel Davids has been member of CLUE since 2007. He has a Chair in Economic and Social History at the Faculty of Humanities of VU Amsterdam.

Davids research focuses on Global history; maritime history; history of technology, history of relations between humans and animals, c. 1500 - present.

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Prof. Dr. Rene van Woudenberg

Rene WoudenbergResearch coordinator Knowledge Formation and its History

On 1 February, 2017 Rene van Woudenberg was appointed the new coordinator of the CLUE+ research programme Knowledge Information and its History.

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Prof. Dr. Katja Kwastek

Prof. dr. K. (Katja) KwastekResearch coordinator Paradigms of Creativity

On the 1st of September 2013, Katja Kwastek has been appointed a Chair in Modern and Contemporary Art at the Faculty of Humanities of VU Amsterdam.

Kwastek research interests focuses on modern and contemporary art and media, media aesthetics, audiences of art and digital humanities.

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